Top 5 Best TWS Wireless Earphones Under 2000

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A lot of people are confused about which AirPods is best and to clear this doubt today I am writing this post and I have selected 5 AirPods in it. If your budget is close to 1500 to 2000 then by reading this post today you will be absolutely happy and you will know which is the best AirPods for you.

It was not so easy to choose the top 5 AirPods. I had to see a lot of criteria’s but I have made this list and today I am sharing with you also.

When we were making a list of headphones, for this, we had some criteria’s for this. Here is something like this: We had to check here how its audio quality is, what is the size of its driver, along with that we checked whether it has button controls or gestures control.

Also I had to find out what is the IPX certification in it and at least it should have Bluetooth 5.0. And the most important thing is the capacity of its battery.

When we were checking, it was very important to know how long a single charge lasts and what is the capacity of the case that comes with TWS, how long it stays charged. After checking all these criteria we have given ranking to our TWS earphones.

Best Truly Wireless Earphones with Ranking

1. Realme Buds Q

As you can see we have kept Realme Buds Q on no.1. And you won’t believe we have done comparison with number 2nd earphone but this is the winner guys.

It has 10mm bass boost driver, so if you are listening any song you won’t believe that you are listening with TWS earphones. So, the audio quality is impressive.

If I talk about battery backup of Realme Buds Q then with a single charge it gives 4.5hours of battery backup and it give 20 hours of battery backup with it’s case. It has Touch controls with realme link app

It has IPX4 certification which comes with Bluetooth 5.0. And also the price is slightly high compare to other earphones. You have to pay RS.200 extra than 2nd product. And because of these super performance I have kept this buds on number one.

2. Redmi Earbuds S

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Redmi Earbuds S is ranking on 2nd position, Its construction quality is very good if you see, you get Bluetooth 5.0 with it and you get very good battery backup in it but will not get good from the first one, here you get 4 hours of battery backup on a single charge, you will get 12 hours of battery backup with it’s case.

You will get Type-C charging point with Redmi Earbuds S. Which is very popular these days, it means if you forgot to take your charges no need to worry you will find with someone.

It is a lightweight, you will not get gesture controls but it has button controls with IPX4 certifications. As I have used it the audio quality is also good. At the price of RS.1800 it is really a good product to go.

3. pTron Bassbuds Pro

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I am shocked to see that with the price of Rs. 1299/- it comes with gesture controls with type-c charging. The driver size is 6mm that is slightly on the lower side. Even it comes with IPX4 certifications.

If we talk about battery life then you will get 4 hours of backup with a single charge and also 12 hours of backup when you are using the case. PTron Bassbuds Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.0.

But if you see overall features or even if you see the case also it has indicators which shows battery life. So, these are some good features in this buds.

If you are under budget and looking for a good one with some good features then I promise this is the one anyone should go for.

4. Boat Airpodes 201

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We are keeping these boAt Airpodes 201 on 4th position, lets see why. If we are talking about audio quality then these are really good. When we are not happy with it’s battery life.

When I checked the battery life it only gives you 3 hours of backup with single charge and 12 hours of backup with case, which is not at all good. So, if we see the price is also high like 1999 which is not good.

Even Boat Airpodes 201 comes with 10mm driver but because of battery we are giving 4th ranking. Even it has IPX4 certifications with Bluetooth 5.0 which comes with button controls.

  • With Mic: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Wireless range: 12m
  • Driver Size: 10mm
  • Instant Voice Assistant
  • IPX4: Sweat and Water Resistant

5. Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini 

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So the last product is Portronics Harmonics Twins Mini which comes with bluetooth 5.0, which has 8mm driver. It comes with button controls.

As we are seeing like every product even it has IPX4 certifications. Now coming to battery backup, it will give you 3 hours of backup with a single charge and 12 hours of battery backup with case.

If you check the design or the built quality then it is really attractive. But according to the device specification the price range is just ok, in this range you can go for any better option.

If you think that I should remove any one of these products and add another product, please do comment below and tell us which product we should add. In this list, I have tried my best to give you the best product. Hope you all will like my reviews, please comment and if you feel that there should be some more changes in it, please let us know.

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