24 Best Parks in Bangalore: A Guide for the Urban Explorers

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The city of Bangalore is one of the most populous cities in India. It’s also a city that has many different parks to explore. Whether you’re looking for something with greenery, nature, or just want to have some peace and quiet among the hustle and bustle of urban life – there are plenty of options! In this blog post, we will take a look at the 25 best parks in Bangalore: A guide for the Urban Explorers.

Lets Explore These Best 24 Parks In Bangalore

1. Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

Bannerghatta Butterfly Park is a park that has been built for the sole purpose of exploring and enjoying nature. It’s located on Bannerghatta Road, which is in south Bangalore. The entrance fee to enter this 100-acre wide park with over 500 varieties of butterfly species is INR 25 per person – students/senior citizens are offered concessions at INR 15. There are many activities such as guided tours, photography classes, conservation camps and awareness programs unique to Bannerghatta Bird Sanctuary (BBS). You can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire day in BBS while having fun with friends or family! For those who want more information about any specific activity they’ll be participating in during their visit- there’s a kiosk at the entrance to provide all the necessary details.

Within this park, you will find a variety of different species from around India and abroad such as Grey Peacock Pheasant, Brown-breasted Buttonquail, Golden Oropendola, Victoria Crowned Eagle (the national bird of Ghana), Great Indian Hornbill (Indian’s National Bird) and many more! These animals make Bannerghatta Park an ultimate destination for animal lovers who want to explore nature up close in Bangalore. There are also other activities within BBS that may interest visitors not looking to spend their entire day among butterflies – like cycling on bike tracks or taking part in one of the various guided tours!

2. JP Park

JP Park is a beautiful park located on the JP Nagar Main Road in South Bangalore. It is situated next to a lake and offers an exceptional view of Mount Everest, which makes it one of the most scenic parks in Bangalore!

The entrance fee for this popular destination among locals ranges from INR 20-30 per person – concessions are granted for students/senior citizens at INR 15 and children (12 years or younger) have free admittance with their parents (s). There’s plenty to enjoy here like: tennis courts; basketball court; skating rink; numerous ground covering plants and trees that keep visitors cool during hot Indian summers – all set against an amazing backdrop of lush greenery! This place also has its own cafeteria and a few shops on-site.

JP Park is also the perfect destination for those who are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Bangalore. Visitors can enjoy being outdoors while spending time with friends, family or even their pets! In addition to these benefits, they’ll get an opportunity to explore nature up close. JP Park has created butterfly gardens where visitors can see butterflies in various stages of maturity – eggs, larvae, pupae and adults that you would usually only be able to find at Bannerghatta Butterfly Park (see above).

JP Park is another one of many beautiful parks within Bangalore that encourages exploration among locals as well as tourists alike! It’s worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

3. Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is an open-air, public garden located in North Bangalore. It’s a huge area of land where different types of trees and plants are grown as part of the Lumbini Garden Trust project, which was established for educational purposes (hence why it has been named after Buddha’s birthplace). The entrance fee ranges from INR 20-30 per person – students/senior citizens have concessions at INR 15 while children below 12 years old pay nothing to enter this beautiful park! Entry fees help keep up maintenance work on the many varieties of plant life that are cultivated here – some rare species include Bird Of Paradise Flower; Guava Tree; Purple Jasmine and more!

There’s plenty to enjoy in this beautiful space, ranging from the many types of plants and flowers to different varieties of birds that live here. The boating area is another popular destination for visitors as it allows them to enjoy a tranquil ride on one of Lumbini’s man-made lakes. There are also areas for meditation if you’re interested! This park has been designed with providing an escape from daily life – no matter who you are or what your current circumstances may be, sharing time at Lumbini Gardens will give you the opportunity to find peace and rejuvenate both body and soul through exploration.

Lumbini Gardens provides not only outdoor activities like walking paths but also indoor recreation options such as: cycling; skating indoors (in colder months); basketball courts; and a lot more! This popular destination is also great for those looking to spend time with friends, family or their pets.

Lumbini Gardens is another one of many beautiful parks in Bangalore that encourages exploration among locals as well as tourists alike – it’s worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

4. M N Krishna Rao Park

M.N. Krishna Rao Park is a public park located in North Bangalore, near the Nandi Hills and Bannerghatta National Park. The entrance fee for this destination ranges from INR 20-30 per person – concessions are granted to students/senior citizens at INR 15 while children (12 years or younger) have free admittance with their parent(s). There’s plenty of space here where visitors can enjoy being outdoors while spending time with friends, family or even pets! This place also has its own cafeteria as well as shops on-site if you need supplies before making your way home after exploring M.N. Krishna Rao Park’s many amenities:

In addition to these benefits, they’ll get an opportunity to explore nature up close. It’s worth checking out if you’re ever in the area!

Timing: 05.00am to 12.00pm and 03.00pm to 09.00pm and Distance: 5.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

5. Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Description: Wonderla Amusement Park is an amusement park located in Bangalore. It’s the largest theme park in South India and provides a variety of entertainment options for both children and adults such as roller coasters, water parks, gaming zones, movie theatres etc. The entrance fee to this destination starts at INR 720per person with concessions granted to students/senior citizens (INR 720) while children below 12 years old pay nothing to enter! There are plenty of food stalls on-site that offers everything from fried chicken; french fries; ice cream cones; pizzas – you name it!

This one-of-a-kind place has been designed not only for those looking for fun but also relaxation – there’s a variety of seating areas where visitors can take in the greenery and enjoy life at their own pace. There are also many rides here that will thrill even the most daring adventurer!

Timing: 09.00 am to 06.00 pm on weekdays and 09.00 am to 07.00 pm at weekends. Distance: 28 km from Bangalore bus stand. Entry Fee: Starting from 720Rs for children and 890R for adults.

6. Freedom Park Bangalore

An incredible attraction amongst tourists and localities is the Freedom Park that is built on the site of the former Central Jail that housed political prisoners in Bangalore. The many historical attractions around this place, such as Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Lalbagh Fort, are also worth exploring.

Distance: 1.5 km from Bangalore bus stand. Timing: 05.00am to 8.30pm and 04.00pm to 08.00pm, Entry fee: No entry fee.

7. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a garden that was originally built as an experimental botanical station in the year 1859. It has since become one of Bangalore’s most popular destinations and encompasses different ecosystems with its many gardens, research centres, greenhouses etc. Visitors can wander through this beautiful space at their own pace and appreciate nature in all of its glory while also enjoying mini-game areas for children!

The best time to visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden is during the months of April to June and September to November.

Distance: 13 km from Bangalore bus stand, Timing: 05.00 am-07:00 PM and Entry fee – 10.00Rs for adults; Children entry free.

There’s also plenty here to explore – visitors can wander through different gardens with their own style or take advantage of one of many leisurely activities available on site!

With so much going on inside this space it’s no wonder that people love coming back time after time again! The Lal Bagh Rock is one of the highlights of this Bangalore Park and one of the top attractions for adventure seekers.

Distance: 4.9 km from Bangalore bus stand. Timing: 06.00am to 07.00pm Entry Fee: 10.00Rs for adults; Children entry free.

8. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is a top tourist attraction for those looking to explore the outdoors. This park has been rated as one of the best parks in Bangalore and it’s easy to see why! Located around 19 km from the city, this gorgeous destination offers everything from dense forests; coffee plantations; spotless lakes with boat rides available on site etc. There are many options here that will suit all tastes – whether you want an exhilarating adventure or a relaxing day out there’s something at Bannerghatta National Park waiting just for you!

A favourite picnic spot among locals is Lower Bannerghatta Lake and Upper Bannerghatta Lake.

Timing: 09.00 am to 04.30 pm (closed on Tuesdays) Entry Fee: 40Rs for children, 50Rs for Senior Citizens and 80Rs for Adults. Price varies for foreigners. Distance: 35.3 km from Bangalore bus stand.

9. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a beautiful landmark area of Bangalore city that was created in 1870. The park, which originally covered 100 acres and now spans over 300 acres, features many plants and animals from around the world as it hosts very rich flora and fauna. It got its name after being renamed for the occasion of India’s Silver Jubilee Celebration by then ruler Sri Charmarajendra Wodeyar Mysore Maharaja

– one who dedicated his rule to preserving nature!

Distance: 2.2 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 06.00 am to 06.00 pm (Closed on Mondays and second Tuesdays)

Entry Fee: Free.

10. Bugle Rock Park

Surrounded by a natural rock formation, Bugle Rock Park is an oasis of green amidst the bustling city. The park has been one of Bangalore’s most popular picnic spots for years and houses temples in its precincts as well. This special place is densely populated with trees while being developed by the Horticulture Department – Government of Karnataka. It’s also popular amongst walkers who visit this tranquil space every day to enjoy it’s serenity and refreshing atmosphere which can accommodate 300 people at any given time!

11. Jawaharlal Nehru Park

The Jawaharlal Nehru Park is a jogger’s paradise that was created in order to delight nature lovers. The park includes trees and benches for you to take refuge under or sit on, depending on what your interests are! This makes it an ideal family-friendly spot if you want some time away from the buzz of city life before having dinner together with loved ones.

Distance: 19.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 07.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

12. Fun World Water Park

When you hit the Bangalore heat, what’s a better way to cool off than at Fun World Water Park? If you’ve got some moves up your sleeve or want to test out their water rides such as cyclone and tornado, there is no stopping this adventure! There are also attractions like tube falls for when it gets too hot. It all leads up to one of Bengaluru’s premier destinations that cater well from those who have energy but need time-outs now and then.

Bengaluru’s Fun World is the most entertaining and exciting amusement park for everyone. From the twisting, turning roller coasters to more gentle rides that can be enjoyed by children or anyone with a fear of heights, there are something fun and thrilling for every thrill-seeker at this Bengaluru Waterworld!

Distance: 11.7 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timings: 11.00am to 04.30pm

Entry Fee: 900Rs/person.

13. Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

Neeladri Amusement and Water Parks is a splendid combination of water rides, dry land amusement parks, ice cream parlours for starters.

Neeladri Amusement and Water Parks is a fantastic place to spend the day with family or friends. They have over 45 attractions including water slides, ice cream stands, boat rides etc., which will keep you busy all day long!

Distance: 21 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 11.00am to 06.00pm (Till 07.00pm on weekends)

Entry Fee: Rs.30 and 40 for the amusement park and Rs.60 and Rs75 for the water park.

14. GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy is a great place to visit in Bangalore for an amazing time. You’ll be able to enjoy the rides and slides as well as many other activities such as rock climbing, 5D experience, etc. The entry fee starts from Rs499 per person and you can come during 10:30-22pm on weekends only!

Distance: 136.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.30am to 06.00pm (up to 07.00pm on Sundays)

Entry Fee: Starting from Rs.499

15. Deer Park

Deer Park is a family favorite destination with its variety of flora & fauna to enjoy. The park offers scenic landscape and has lush greenery for you to experience during your strolls around the garden. Watch as deer roam in their natural environment or simply chat over delicious food prepared at home on one of the available picnic tables while spending quality time with friends and family!

Distance: 10.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.30am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

16. Fantasy Lagoon

Fantasy Lagoon is one of the most budget-friendly parks in Bangalore with plenty to do and eat. This park stands out as a favourite spot for couples looking to spend quality time by the lake or on boats, surrounded by nature’s beauty. One could also find relief from their kids running around at play zone while you can feed your soul with serene views of an artificial garden nestled within this manmade oasis atop water!

Distance: 10.2 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 11.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: Rs.30/person.

17. Carippa Memorial Park

The Carippa Memorial Park is a vast area of land dedicated to the brave IAF soldier Field Marshall K M Cariappa, housing all sorts of attractions and play areas for children. Within its campus are waterfalls, Burma bridges with tunnels embedded in them, as well as other artistic feats like sculptures that have been crafted over time by those who wish to honour this great man’s memory and legacy. The park itself has an interesting military theme that reflects on the life story behind it; there are no entry fees so people from near and far can visit without charge any day during 05:30-08:00 AM or 01:00 PM-07: 00 PM on Saturday (closed) respectively – but not Sundays when 09 AM – 07 pm.

18. BDA Sculpture Park

BDA Sculpture Park is a unique park in Bangalore that not only has sculptures within it, but also includes lots of great “selfie spots”. The sculptures are made of stone and add to the uniqueness of the location A park is a famous place for its fresh atmosphere and water fountains. This makes it a great sight at sundown with coloured lights illuminating the sights inside. when they have more accessibility to take pictures during dark hours due to street lamps installed across roads leading up towards BDA sculpture garden from Bangalore bus stand where you can catch buses going towards Nelamangala road barely 15 kilometres away from Bengaluru city centre so if you want some peace near town then this would.

Distance: 15.7 km from Bangalore bus stand.

08.00am to 06.00pm.

Entry Fee: Free.

19. National Military Memorial Park

The National Military Memorial Park is a park in Bangalore that commemorates the valiant soldiers who fought for their country and are buried here with full honours. It has many memorials within it, from war memorials to monuments of fallen heroes like Field Marshal KM Cariappa (who was given this honour because he served as Chief of Army Staff after Independence). There’s also an eternal flame that pays tribute to all those who lost their lives while fighting for India’s freedom during World War II and other battles.

The park has managed to preserve old tanks, models of some old planes and missiles as well as other naval ships that are educational for visitors.

Distance: 3.9 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 06.00am to 08.00pm

Entry Fee: 15Rs/person.

20. Shri Vani Science Park

The Shri Vani Science Park is a park in Bangalore that not only houses attractions like water slides but also has the world’s largest man-made waterfall! The many exhibits inside have been designed to educate people (especially children) on different scientific principles. There are models of ancient trains, cars and other modes of transport; cricket bats as well as other sports equipment for visitors who wish to learn about their history – all housed within this quaint little science museum. You can even see how old gadgets and inventions worked with hands-on displays of everything from typewriting machines to calculators – all there at your beck and call!

Distance: 13.4 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timings: No restrictions on time.

Entry Fee: Free.

21. Aqua Kingdom Bangalore

The Aqua Kingdom is a newly opened water theme park in Bangalore that not only has rides for children but also offers many attractions to adults like sea lion show and dolphin tanks.

The park also features aquariums that house different marine life along with jellyfishes, sharks and other oceanic creatures – all within a sheltered man-made environment where the visitors are shielded from sun and rain. One of the most appealing things about this particular place is its ample supply of activities. Along with adventure attractions like a cartoon city, a haunted house, and a maze made from mirrors, there are also mini-golf courses, petting zoos to explore.

Distance: 7.0 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 07.00pm

Entry Fee: Starting from 799Rs

22. Crazy Waters

Crazy Waters is a water park in Bangalore that has an abundance of activities for the whole family to enjoy. It’s got amazing slides, like the Slippery Slide (a ride which plunges you down at speeds of up to 60 kmph) and other attractions such as live shows with dolphins; these all make it one of Bengaluru’s most popular destinations. Apart from this, there are also games and rides designed exclusively for children – making it just about perfect!

Distance: 35 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 06.00pm (Up to 07.00pm on weekends)

Entry Fee: Rs.100 for children and Rs.200 for adults

23. Ranadheera Kanteerva Park

The Ranadheera Kanteerva Park is a park in Bangalore that features attractions such as swings and slides meant for children. There’s also boating, fishing and other activities like catching crabs which are both entertaining for kids as well as adults!

The garden close to the play areas has colourful flowers and kids might enjoy one of the two playgrounds.

Distance: 6.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 10.00am to 09.00pm

Entry Fee: Free.

24. Coles Park

Coles Park in Bangalore is a playground that has both walking and jogging as well as many other attractions. There are kids’ play areas, gardens with colourful flowers – it’s just the perfect place to spend time! You can also learn about the history here by visiting the memorials of fallen heroes like Field Marshal KM Cariappa (who was given this honour because he served as Chief of Army Staff after Independence). The park features several tanks, models of some old planes and missiles too. Entry fee: Rs 15 for adults; free for children below 12 years.

Distance: 5.6 km from Bangalore bus stand.

Timing: 05.00am to 11.00am in morning and 04.00pm to 08.30pm in evening.

Entry Fee: Free.

I hope you will like this blog post on the best parks in Bangalore.

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Thank you so much for reading my article about the best parks in Bangalore, India. You can also come and explore the hidden gems around Bangalore.

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